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About Us

Rich with History

The Norcross House was built in the 1880's as a home for the family of J. Franklin Norcross. He was sent by his father and uncle, the Norcross Brothers of Worcester, to operate the brownstone quarries they had purchased in 1876. 

The architectural style is a late Victorian version of the Greek Revival period. With its three gabled wings, scrolled posts and bay window, the house reflects gracious family living of the Victorian age. A carriage house, one of the few remaining in town, stands northeast of the house. 

The Norcross family owned the property until 1949, when it began a lengthy transition through other uses. The East Longmeadow Tea Room occupied the first floor until 1953, when the property was converted into the first location of Busy Bee Pre-School.


Podiatrist Dr. Leon Feffer and his wife, Diana, bought the house in 1961. It served as their residence and the doctor's office until his death. When his wife subsequently died, the Springfield Day Nursery purchased the property from her estate in 1999. Their plans for demolishing the house and erecting a new day-care center were ultimately unsuccessful, setting the stage for the preservation of the house and carriage house.  Today, the property is utilized as a community center for various functions, and can also be rented out for private events.

We are always in search of new board members and volunteers to help with the preservation, fund raising, and event planning in support of our mission. No specific skills are required. The ideal candidate is a person who wants to contribute to the preservation and history of the community, or who desires to help in the organizing of community and cultural events.

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