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Make Your Pledge

Help us maintain and restore our historic piece of Massachusetts.

Click the button to download our pledge card and make your five-year or one-time gift. 


(Gifts of at Least $10,000)

Mildred Schwartz

(Gifts of at Least $5,000)

Ernie Gralia III

Woronco Savings Bank

(Gifts of at Least $2,500)

James McKnight

(Gifts of at Least $1,000)

John & Cleta Norcross

East Longmeadow COC

First Founders

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carr
Ernest Gralia III and Family
James McKnight

$1,600 per year
$8,000 5-year total

James and Sandra Davis
Ronald and Mary Turnberg
Michael and Teresa Potito
GlaxoKline Smith

$400 per year
$2,000 5-year total

A. W. Brown
John and Ann Moulton
Donna Nardi
Big Wind Corp.
Jay Lefebvre

$200 per year
$1,000 5-year total

$535 per year
$2,675 5-year total

Peter and Sheryl Fessenden
Merle and Dean Safford
Judie and Connie Wiezbicki

James and Ruth Connor
John and Jeane Connor

$270 per year
$1,350 5-year total

Philip and Barbara Ernst
Karen Marsian and Kevin Sweeney
Mass Mutual matching grant

$500 per year
$2,500 5-year total

James and Cheryl Sheils

$250 per year
$1,250 5-year total

$100 per year
$500 5-year total

Linda Abrams
Matthew and Dana Bean
John L. Bonavita
Loraine Boucher
Sandra and Peter Burns
Ralph and Ann Butler
Betty Bruce
Christine and Mark Callahan
Arnold Christianson
John and Barbara Claffey
John and Dorothy Dineen
David and Joann Dirico
Richard J. Feffer
Albert and Susan Grimaldi
Richard and Gloria Hammond
H.G. and Marjorie Haunton
Donald and Nancy Heath
Willian and Bonnie Hill
Barbara Hobbs
Knights of Columbus, #4306
Paul Lane
Thomas and Beth-Ann Latsko

Stephen and Gail Manning
Raymond and Foy Miller
Frank and Naomi Mitchell
Ruth Owen
Peter Punderson
Thelma Ratner Trust
Laura Failla Reilly
Norman and Marilyn Richards
Dean Safford
Drs. Scannell and Hollinger
Alvin and Ellie Seligman
Sidney and Dawn Starks
Robert and Beverly Steele
Mary Sherry
Harry and Ruth Swanson
Chester and Edith Sweeney
Daniel and Mary Swords
Irene Tarnowski
Concetta and Michael Torcia
Richard and Gayle Turnberg
Sherry & Neil Williams

Donations of Service and Materials

Graziano Brothers Landscaping Service
Momentum Group
John C. Otto Company
Rocky's Ace Hardware
Peter Fessenden II, Webmaster

Mec Landscaping

Tom Connor and Hampden County Corrections Crew
Tony Fazio, Construction Equipment and Labor
Ernie Gralia II, Construction Supervision
Sandra Burns, Interior Decoration
Jean Zampiceni

Tanya Costigan Events

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